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Instant Flashback: Championship Saturday Remains Memorable

As we round the corner to toward the final episodes of our NTDC 2023 Series, we wanted to provide our listeners with an episode that takes you inside Championship Saturday, which includes the traditional Walk Of Champions. In this segment, you'll hear from some of the...

Pride of Connecticut: Bolduc & Spero Reflect On NTDC Run

Roland Bolduc and Tony Spero have become living legends with their repeated appearances in the National Truck Driving and National Step Van Driving Championships. Both these veteran professional drivers have collected a truckload of state championships en route to...

NTDC Grand Champion Gragg Wilson Model of Perseverance

Prior to NTDC 2023, Gragg Wilson, a veteran driver from UPS, had made 13 trips to the National Championships as a state champion from Nevada. But, in all those runs to the NTDC, Gragg had never made it beyond the preliminary round of the national competition. NTDC...

About PodWheels

Committed to being the conversation at the center of trucking, PodWheels Powered by RadioNemo is a hub for the transportation network. The news, information, and fun of moving America in a lineup of podcast programming. We are a dock for the industry and its drivers to come together.

We stand on a tradition that has always kept an eye on the future. PodWheels built itself on the reputation and quality of RadioNemo of North America, which is the latest incarnation of the amazing career of trucking radio legend Dave Nemo and his partner Michael Burns. RadioNemo provides both a model and an inspiration for what Podwheels can accomplish.

Podcasts Covering the Ground of Trucking

Healthy Trucking

The Health from Harbor to Heartland Podcasts put the well-being of the drivers above their equipment.

Highway to Hope

RadioNemo’s longtime relationship with the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund has found a podcasting home in The Highway to Hope.

Trucker CFO

Colton Lawrence offers a financially holistic approach to taxes, accounting, and the challenges trucking professionals face running a business.

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The Lifestyle Lane

Music, ruminations of the road, and spooky stories can be found in our productions, such as Liner Notes, The Exit Ramp, and Snake Pontchartrain.

PodWheels Listens, Creates, and Spreads the Word

Our team provides years of experience in production and radio and the energy of a fresh perspective in a growing field. We have and boast access to talented creators on both sides of the microphone. 

For a business seeking to create its first podcast, PodWheels collaborates to create something uniquely geared for its clients and employees. 

If a carrier wants to target an audience, Podwheels works on commission to create complementary content for that carrier’s core mission. 

We even offer hosting opportunities for a company looking to expand its listenership for an existing program. 

For the fleet looking for a partner from departure to destination, PodWheels can help map a journey that touches all aspects of that business.

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Liner Notes

Destinations: Tour of Chattanooga Whiskey Company

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