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Part 1: Long Haul Paul Discusses Legends of the Lost Highway CD

Through this special Liner Notes Series, Long Haul Paul Marhoefer goes in-depth on the making of his newest CD release, Legends of the Lost Highway. Greg Thompson from PodWheels met Long Haul Paul while he was on the road to have an extended conversation about the...

Ronnie Hammond Interview: Rewind To 1983

We invite you to join us for a trip back into our pre-podcast archives for an interview that was conducted in 1983 with Ronnie Hammond, who is best known as the lead singer for the Atlanta Rhythm Section. You’ll hear the story of how PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo...

Lindsay Lawler Discusses Release of Her Powerful Single I’m Okay

For this edition of Liner Notes, we’re thrilled to welcome Lindsay Lawler back to the podcast. Over the past few years, Lindsay has become a true friend of the trucking industry as her music has spoken to the nation’s men and women behind the wheel. During this...

Eric Cornelius, Trucking Company Co-Founder & Aspiring Country Artist

In our second episode of our podcast series, we’ll spend some time with Eric Cornelius, who is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of TRC Freight, Inc. As you’ll hear through this edition of Liner Notes, Eric is also an aspiring country music artist. We’ll be...

Debut Episode With Lindsay Lawler

In our debut episode, you’ll hear our interview Lindsay Lawler, a long-time friend of the trucking industry. In addition to an in-depth interview with Lindsay, we will also be sharing Lindsay’s latest single release, Buy My Own Diamond.

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