34-Hour Resets: Are They A Waste Or An Opportunity?
May 7, 2024

Jeff Morton and Charley Mahon, your Road Warrior Entrepreneurs, return with a new episode featuring a discussion about how to make an effective use of the 34-Hour Reset. As everyone in the industry knows, the 34-Hour Rule is part of the Hours of Service Regulations and they are part of the operating parameters for professional drivers. In this episode, Jeff and Charley explore what you can actually do with that time. Of course, there will be time to rest and recharge, but what other opportunities are out there? Jeff and Charley share some of their experiences and how they have used the 34-hour reset to take online classes as well as dedicate time to grow their business efforts. It’s a great conversation that will be of interest to any road warrior entrepreneur who is looking to get the most out of their time each day.

Jeff and Charley, who are also the founders of Contractors Corner Consulting, LLC, invite you to watch their YouTube Live each Tuesday by visiting https://www.youtube.com/@ContractorsCornerConsulting/streams.

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