Benefit Concert Series 2023: Interview With Lindsay Lawler, Part 2
April 19, 2023

The final edition of our Artist Interview Series ahead of the Highway To Hope Benefit Concert taking place on Saturday, April 22, will feature Part 2 of our conversation with Lindsay Lawler, who will be one of the featured artists for the SCF benefit show at Cotton Eyed Joe’s in Knoxville, Tenn. During this portion of the interview, SCF Podcast host Shannon Currier talks to Lindsay about her growth as a songwriter over the years and they discuss Lindsay’s upcoming country music album. Lindsay shares the title of the new album with listeners as well as her plans to play one of the songs from the album during the April 22nd benefit. Shannon and Lindsay also discuss some of the anthem songs in Lindsay’s musical catalog. Listeners will hear Lindsay’s song Truckers And Rodeo Crowds during the podcast.

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