Chad Boblett’s Owner-Operator Tips To Stay Afloat During Tough Times
April 17, 2024

For this Trucking Matters edition of the Reliance Partners podcast series, we will be getting a ground-floor perspective on the state of freight and how to stay afloat in challenging times from Chad Boblett. As the creator of Rate Per Mile Masters Group on Facebook, Chad has become a valued resource for a Facebook Community that has grown to more than 36,000 members. Chad also founded and operates his own trucking business, Boblett Brothers Trucking, which he launched in 2011 following 10 years of military service in the Marine Corps. Your host for the podcast is Tom Albrecht, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Revenue Officer at Reliance Partners. As you will hear, Thom and Chad had a wide-ranging conversation that included topics covering finding better loads and rates regardless of the cycle, the advantages of running a power-only operation, how to improve your safety scores and why, in Chad’s view, he believes it is better to have your own authority rather than positioning yourself as a lease-operator.

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