Dedication, Training & Heart: Going Inside Roland Bolduc’s Drive To Achieve Championship Excellence
July 5, 2024

As we enter July and begin the final countdown to NTDC 2024, we wanted to take you inside the national competition preparations of Roland Bolduc, one of the most accomplished champions in the long history of the NTDC. This year, Roland is the only returning National Grand Champion in the field, and, as he shares with us, the state results from across the country this year have inspired him to train even harder. You will also hear the dedication that Roland has to the championships and everyone who is a part of what he calls the “NTDC Family.”

Eugene Mulero from Transport Topics had an extensive conversation with Roland, covering a wide range of topics, including the state qualifying events and his approach to year-round training. In fact, Eugene takes us inside the story behind the Roadeo Research Development Facility (RRDF), which Roland started in a collaboration with fellow competitor Richard Sweeney. You will hear both Roland’s perspective and Richard’s thoughts on the difference that the RRDF has made when it comes to training and performance in competition.

We would also like to invite you to read the latest NTDC coverage from Eugene and the Transport Topics team. To access the NTDC section of Transport Topics, please click here.

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