Details On TravelCenters of America’s New Program To Deliver Support For SCF
October 1, 2020

This edition of the podcast will feature our interview with Patty DelMonico, the Senior Manager of Commercial Marketing for TravelCenters of America. Patty will be discussing a new fundraising campaign that Travel Centers of America has launched to further support the mission of SCF. In addition, Patty, who is also a member of the SCF Board of Directors, looks back at the strong relationship that Travel Centers of America has built with SCF over the years. Listeners will enjoy the recollections she shared on the podcast with Shannon Currier, Director of Philanthropy and Development for SCF. Shannon also serves as the host for the Highway To Hope. Shannon is joined on the podcast once again by Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of the PodWheels Network. Following the interview with Patty, Greg talks with Shannon to get some news updates on what’s happening at SCF and what’s ahead for the remainder of 2020.

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