Important Perspective On How To Run Your Business & Finding Ways Build A Life Away From Trucking
March 25, 2024

Is it possible to actually achieve a satisfying level of work-life balance while running a business on the road in the trucking industry? Road Warrior Entrepreneurs Jeff Morton and Charley Mahon openly discuss their struggles and successes in finding the levels of work-life balance that work for each of them. As they note, what works for one person may not work for another person, and that’s the case for Jeff and Charley. As you’ll hear, this is a very real and relatable conversation between two veterans of the trucking industry and two business owners who are working to hit their goals while making sure that they allow adequate time for family, friends and building a life outside of trucking.

Jeff and Charley, who are also the founders of Contractors Corner Consulting, LLC, invite you to watch their YouTube Live each Tuesday by visiting

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