NTTC Honors Driver of the Year Grand Champion Tom Frain With $2,500 Donation To SCF
September 14, 2022

During this special episode of the SCF Highway To Hope Podcast, you’ll meet Tom Frain, who earned the prestigious honor of being named the 2021 – 2022 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year Grand Champion by the National Tank Truck Carriers. Tom will be looking back at his career in trucking and what it means to him to become recognized as the top driver in the tank truck classification. SCF Director of Philanthropy Shannon Currier, who is your host for the Highway To Hope Podcast, will be talking with Tom discussing his journey to become the Grand Champion. Will Lusk, who is the Manager of Education and Government Affairs for the NTTC, is also a guest on this edition of the podcast. As you’ll hear, Will also serves as the NTTC staff representative for the Driver of the Year program. One of the highlights from the program that Will, Tom and Shannon will be discussing is the donation of $2,500 that NTTC will be making to SCF in honor of Tom becoming Grand Champion.

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