Owner-Ops & Contractors: How Good Is Your Insurance Coverage?
April 2, 2024

Road Warrior Entrepreneur Podcast hosts Jeff Morton and Charley Mahon dive into a deep and very real-world trucking conversation about the basics of insurance coverage. This is a discussion that every owner-operator and independent contractor needs to hear, especially if your insurance is being provided to you by the trucking company where you are under contract. Jeff and Charley are joined on this episode of the podcast by trucking industry veteran Tony Dennis, who is part of the Sebrite Agency. You will hear a great deal of valuable perspective that can help your business by properly positioning your operation for those times when you’ll need insurance and the proper insurance coverage. The expertise shared during this episode will help you answer two key questions: 1) What insurance coverage do you actually need? 2) Why do you need that particular coverage?

Jeff and Charley, who are also the founders of Contractors Corner Consulting, LLC, invite you to watch their YouTube Live each Tuesday by visiting https://www.youtube.com/@ContractorsCornerConsulting/streams.

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