Preview: NTDC 2022, ATA’s Super Bowl Of Safety Aug. 16-19
August 14, 2022

The National Truck Driving and National Step Van Driving Championships will be taking place in Indianapolis August 16-19. The Dave Nemo Show and PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo will be onsite at NTDC 2022. As we prepare for the event that NTDC host the American Trucking Associations calls the Super Bowl of Safety, PodWheels put together a preview of our coverage coming to you from the national championships. Jimmy Mac, the host of Dave Nemo Weekends, and Greg Thompson, executive producer at PodWheels, look ahead to NTDC 2022. During this podcast, we’ll share a portion of Greg’s NTDC 2019 interview with Scott Woodrome, who has won the last two NTDC grand championships.

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