The Wright Plan: Preparation For All Outcomes & Always Keep Your Eyes Open
June 6, 2024

In this episode, we’ll meet Matt Wright and hear about how he found his way into the trucking industry following a stint in computer repair. Matt has enjoyed an incredible journey that has included time as both a company driver and owner-operator. Road Warrior Entrepreneurs Jeff Morton and Charley Mahan have known Matt for years, and, as you’ll hear, Matt has helped both Jeff and Charley as they have taken the steps to build their respective businesses.

Matt also shares how he has been able to create a reserve fund that has given him the ability to survive during the down times and situations where he’s encountered some significant bumps in the road. As part of the conversation, Jeff and Charley talk to Matt on how he found his current gig as a company driver working in the concert and entertainment industry.

Jeff and Charley, who are also the founders of Contractors Corner Consulting, LLC, invite you to watch their YouTube Live each Tuesday by visiting

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