Update On SCF’s Driving Down Diabetes Program
October 29, 2021

In this episode of the Highway To Hope, you’ll hear an in-depth update on SCF’s Driving Down Diabetes program. SCF Health & Wellness Manager Julie Dillon shares how this effort to address and prevent diabetes among professional drivers has grown and taken shape with a supportive community of participants. During this episode, you’ll also hear about the impact that the Driving Down Diabetes initiative has made from two of the people in the program. Lei Meyers and Darrin Winters will be joining this edition of the podcast from road. Lei and Darrin each share their inspirational stories on why they entered the program and the positive changes they have both made. SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development Shannon Currier is your host for the SCF Highway to Hope Podcast. Shannon is joined on the podcast by Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of the PodWheels Network.

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