Age-Old Question: IC Fleet, Employee Fleet or Mixed Fleet?
February 3, 2023

For our first episode of 2023, the Grawe Pod addresses one of the oldest questions facing a trucking company: Should we go with an independent contractor fleet, an employee fleet or a fleet that utilizes both ICs and employee drivers? Podcast host Doug Grawe is joined by Grawe Group Executive Business Partner Gary Randall for a wide-ranging discussion on this topic. Doug and Gary walk listeners through what has become a debate that trucking company owners have faced for generations. Spoiler Alert: There is not a wrong answer to this question, but, as Doug and Gary point out, there are wrong ways to work with a chosen fleet model. This episode also discusses why trucking companies make the choices they do for their fleets. As you’ll hear, Doug and Gary dedicate some time detailing a few best practices in working with each fleet model.

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