The People Episode
November 22, 2022

Posting a recycled job ad on Indeed, conducting four rounds of interviews and utilizing a copy-and-paste approach with job qualification requirements are not cutting it in today’s market. During the People Episode of the Grawe Pod, we will be sharing a collection of insights that address attracting, hiring and onboarding non-driving talent into your transportation organization. Doug Grawe is your host for the podcast and he will be joined on this episode by Grawe Group Executive Business Partners Gary Randall and Steve Youngquist. They will explore how transportation companies are attracting, hiring and retaining strong employees through thoughtful approaches. Attention to detail is vital in today’s market. Job descriptions are carefully crafted for each new opening. Qualification requirements are narrowed to attract fit as much as technical expertise. Interviewing is purposeful to draw out the traits that truly matter in your culture. And onboarding is designed to build a strong foundation, not fight fires.

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