Benefit Series, Part 5: SCF’s Chat With Country Music Superstar Wynonna Judd
May 11, 2021

Country Music superstar Wynonna Judd, who is the headliner for the Highway To Hope Benefit Concert, caps off our special series of podcasts featuring the artists performing during the live virtual event on May 16th. The SCF Podcast interview, which was led by podcast host and SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development Shannon Currier, was one of the first media Q&As with Wynonna since the global pandemic. As you will hear, it was an extended conversation that covered a number of interesting topics. While discussing her respect for professional drivers through the interview, Wynonna offered her perspective on being out on the road and away from home, which shares many of the same emotions experienced by truckers behind the wheel. For the interview with Wynonna, Shannon was joined on the podcast by Donna Horton, a member of the Radio Nemo Team. Donna is a long-time friend of Wynonna, and she helped to connect SCF and Shannon to Wynonna’s team as SCF began to plan for the Highway to Hope Benefit. In addition to the conversation with Wynonna, this podcast also includes two songs recorded by Wynonna, No One Else On Earth and Ramble On Rose.

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