Good Sleep Matters: DAT’s Dean Croke Discusses Important Role of Proper Rest
May 10, 2024

How important is it for a professional driver to get at least six hours of sleep during your 10-hour break period? Dean Croke knows the answer to this question and a host of others related to the value of quality sleep for the men and women behind the wheel. Dean has enjoyed a wide-ranging and fascinating career in the trucking industry. Entering the industry as a driver and then fleet owner in his native Australia, Dean eventually found his way to the United States and to his current position as Principal Analyst at DAT. Through his years in trucking, Dean began to study sleep and the role that it plays in the health and safety of professional drivers. During this episode of the SCF Highway To Hope, Podcast Host and SCF Director of Philanthropy Shannon Currier will take a trip back with Dean through his career and how Dean has become an important voice for sleep health within the trucking industry.

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