Larry Gorby Returns To NTDC As West Virginia Grand Champion
May 13, 2024

Larry Gorby from West Virginia and Ina Daly from Arizona are in the spotlight during another mega-edition of our NTDC Podcast, which was recorded on May 8. You will hear Eugene Mulero, Senior Reporter from Transport Topics and co-author of  “From Roadeo To TDC,” look back at the state TDCs that have taken place between mid-April and this episode’s recording date. We will bring you Eugene’s interview with Larry, who couldn’t believe his name was called as the Grand Champion of West Virginia. We will also feature Eugene’s conversation with Ina, who qualified for her 17th trip to the Nationals by winning another title at the Arizona State Championships. 2024 marked Ina’s 30th state competition, and, as you’ll hear, she goes beyond the 17 state titles she’s claimed in reflecting on what the overall experience has meant to her career.

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