Ina Daly Defines Professional Excellence With Her Career In Trucking
September 11, 2023

Ina Daly is a true pioneer in the trucking industry, hitting the road over 40 years ago at a time when few women were behind the wheel. Ina excelled in her job, striving for the highest levels of professional excellence as she compiled decade-upon-decade of safe driving. Ina has become a fixture at the Arizona State Truck Driving Championships, with 16 state titles that made Ina a regular at the National Championships. Ina, who has also served as a Captain on America’s Road Team, became the first woman to win a National Championship when she claimed the top prize in the Tanker division in 2013. During her career, Ina has driven more than 3.8 million safe miles, and she has spent nearly her entire career with one carrier. At NTDC 2023, Ina was once again in the spotlight when she was named as the winner of the Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence Award. A couple of days prior to the awards ceremony at NTDC, we had a chance to talk to Ina about her career and serving as a trailblazer in trucking.

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