Lisa Steed Appreciates Opportunities Delivered By Trucking
September 12, 2023

Lisa Steed has a unique perspective when it comes to the road and the opportunities that you can find behind the wheel. After spending a decade as a State Trooper in Utah, Lisa took her career in a new direction when she discovered an opportunity to start a Step Van business where she and her business partner could serve as contract service providers for FedEx Ground in the Salt Lake area. In 2023, Lisa won the Step Van division at the Utah State Trucking Championships, earning a trip to the National Championships. As you’ll hear, Lisa loves the career path that bridges those final miles for deliveries to the front door of homes in and around Salt Lake. During our interview, Lisa, a recipient of the FedEx Ground Humanitarian Award, also recounts the day that she save a woman’s life while making a delivery at a mall.

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