PodWheels Chosen as Blubrry’s Podcaster of the Month For May
May 16, 2024

PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo received a tremendous honor at the beginning of the month when our platform was named as the Podcaster of the Month for May by Blubrry Podcasting, which provides professional tools and services for the podcasting industry, including the largest podcast directory with over 900,000 shows.

According to the company’s website, Blubrry supports more than 150,000 podcasters with hosting, distribution, audience statistics, monetization and other tools needed to publish, analyze and grow their podcasts. PodWheels utilizes Blubrry in a variety of ways, including posting all of our series to PodWheels.com and to all of the mainstream podcast platforms.

In talking with company officials when first learning about being chosen for the honor, Podwheels discovered that our company is the first “podcast network” with multiple series that has been selected by Blubrry as its Podcaster of the Month.

PodWheels Founder and Executive Producer Greg Thompson participated in an extensive Q&A session with the Blubrry Team. For Thompson, it was an opportunity to reflect on the evolution and growth of PodWheels, which will be celebrating the company’s eighth anniversary in June. As part of the honor for PodWheels, Thompson will be a guest on an upcoming edition of Blubrry’s Podcast Insider Series. The podcast is hosted by Mike Dell, who is Vice President of Customer Relations for Blubrry.

“It’s both incredibly gratifying and extremely humbling to have received this honor from Blubrry, which is one of the longest serving and most respected podcast hosting and distribution services on the planet,” said Thompson. “As I have shared on social media, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people and companies that have helped our team build our platform over the past eight years. I also want to take a moment and recognize the hard work everyone who has been a part of the PodWheels Team through the years.

“Each day with PodWheels continues to be a fun and interesting journey,” Thompson added. “The best part about what we have accomplished with PodWheels so far is that we feel like we are just getting started. We sincerely believe that the best is yet to come.”

We invite you to read Thompson’s Q&A with Blubrry entitled Hit the Highway with Greg Thompson and PodWheels.

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