RadioNemo Returns With PodWheels To Cover National Truck Driving Championships With New Website
August 9, 2023

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. – (Aug. 9, 2023) – A favorite of trucking radio is headed back to the “Super Bowl of Safety” in Columbus, Ohio, and it is bringing with it more expansive programming.

On Aug. 16-19th, RadioNemo of North America, a trusted source of news, information and entertainment for truckers, will be providing on-site coverage of the upcoming National Truck Driving and National Step Van Driving Championships (NTDC 2023). RadioNemo’s coverage includes two days of on-site live radio broadcasts along with a series of podcast segments created through its partnership with PodWheels.

Hosted by the American Trucking Associations and the organization’s Safety Management Council, NTDC 2023 will take place in Columbus, Ohio, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. 

The Dave Nemo Show’s Jimmy Mac will begin by sharing live interviews and some special features from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Eastern on SiriusXM’s RoadDog Trucking Radio Channel 146. Developed by PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo, the podcast segments can be heard through as well as on all mainstream podcast outlets. PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo was rolled out in June with producer Greg Thompson at the helm, and this marks the platform’s first foray into programming in direct association with RadioNemo. 

Jimmy Mac believes the event brings out the best not only in the competition but in how the public views the industry. “Forget the companies, the associations, and all the other stuff. It’s about the drivers. It’s family friendly fun that gives people a chance to see the folks in this industry with their best foot forward. It’s worth going just to see how some of the competitors’ kids look at them.”

The NTDC features a collection of the best and most accomplished professional drivers in the country from nine different classifications. To qualify to be a part of the championship, each of the competitors had to win their respective state championship within one of those categories. All the while, those same competitors must have maintained a spotless driving record with no accidents or violations for the 12 months prior to the competition.

Called “the Super Bowl of Safety” by the ATA, the annual event brims not only with competition but also great personal and inspirational stories. For the second straight year, RadioNemo will be onsite to tell those tales.

Along with Jimmy Mac, Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of PodWheels, will be a featured reporter on additional podcast segments from NTDC 2023. Thompson is currently developing segments for PodWheels to be generated during the NTDC’s final two days. He will have a particular focus on the Parade of Champions and the Championships’ Award Ceremony.

“In my view, the National Truck Driving and National Step Van Driving Championships stands as one of the most inspiring annual events in the trucking industry,” said Thompson. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity of sharing the stories and perspectives from trucking professionals who have such a deep commitment to safety and excellence.”

PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo

Thompson is excited about the debut of

“This year’s NTDC event will also serve as an important milestone for our PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo Team,” Thompson added. “After introducing our services to the market in 2022, we began to take a more long-range view of how we could best serve the trucking industry. is a platform that has the ability to serve professional drivers and the trucking industry in a variety of ways.”

The new platform PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo currently features eight podcast series and over 180 total episodes. Visitors to can pick up valuable information each week on approaches to staying healthy while on the road with the Highway To Health Podcast. also features important perspectives on business planning and tax considerations for professional drivers through the Trucker CFO Podcast.

The platform serves as the production resource and primary distribution outlet for the SCF Highway To Hope Podcast, highlighting the work of the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. The programming from also offers entertaining diversions from the daily grind of the road through offerings like the free form Exit Ramp, the musically centered Liner Notes, and the spooky and (mostly) fictional Snake Pontchartrain’s Places You Wouldn’t Want to Go Unless You’re With Snake Pontchartrain.

“The opportunity to work with the RadioNemo Team to collaborate on the development of PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo continues to be a highly valued and rewarding experience,” said Thompson. “We have accomplished a great deal over the past year, and I believe we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what can be possible through our platform. Our best days are ahead as we’re looking at a wide range of opportunities for podcast development.

“I find it very fitting that we’re essentially introducing a new website with our coverage at the national championships,” Thompson added. “The ATA’s NTDC event is an annual celebration of excellence and the commitment it takes to be the best at what you do. I believe our team at PodWheels Powered By RadioNemo can draw inspiration from that kind of professionalism and dedication as we seek to serve as a destination point for trucking podcasts.”

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