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Featuring experienced producers and professional communicators, PodWheels understands how to build a platform that can connect with an audience. They work with trucking companies as well as companies and organizations supporting the trucking industry to create uniquely tailored content. Those podcasts complement and augment the existing communications platforms companies have in place.

PodWheels’ approach is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are no recycled segments or ideas from one carrier to another. The content Podwheels produces is unique to each client. It is designed to address the issues that have value for a company’s culture and its specific driving communities.

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In addition to the client-based podcast development programs that we have available for trucking companies and companies supporting the trucking industry, PodWheels offers an array of advertising and promotional options that can help you in your efforts to connect with your audience.

As you have seen on our website and on the PodWheels app, we have rotating banners advertising positions that are available to be placed under contract. We will also be making audio advertising spots available for certain productions that will be featured both on the PodWheels app and the PodWheels website.

If you would like to learn more about the advertising and promotional packages that are currently available through PodWheels Powered by RadioNemo, please contact Donna Horton for further details.

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