Health from Heartland to Harbor


These two podcasts complement one another and give a comprehensive overview of the health challenges facing the folks who drive America’s economy. Each series features episodes developed in collaboration with Healthy Trucking of America.

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Highway To Health

The Highway To Health Podcast features guests who offer perspective to professional drivers while discussing timely topics related to health and wellness.

Healthy Trucking

The Healthy Trucking Podcast gives listeners the opportunity to meet and learn from a series of expert guests, including medical experts and trucking industry professionals.

Latest Episodes

Exploring Treatments For Sleep Apnea

In this episode of the podcast, we will be joined by Dr. Clayton Cowl, who is on staff at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Cowl, who has earned his CDL and has worked with professional drivers throughout his career, will be discussing sleep disorders with...

Utilizing The Outdoors To Improve Your Mental Health

Dr. Ben Kligler from the Veterans Administration will be returning to discuss some techniques that were once considered outside normal procedures becoming more mainstream to treat pain. Dr. Kligler will also be talking about how mental health and physical health are...

Keys To Stroke Awareness With Dr. Jason Gleason

Dr. Jason Gleason will join us for an extended discussion that includes the work of nurse practitioners and stroke prevention. Dr. Gleason is a retired Lt. Col. who served in the U.S. Air Force. He is also national speaker and consultant within his areas of expertise.

Helpful Observations On Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge when you are the road. In this episode of the podcast, we will introduce you to Dr. Frieda Birnbaum, who is a research psychologist, radio and television personality and Author of the book, Life Begins at 60. Dr. Birnbaum...

Sharing Important Tips On Stroke Prevention

Stroke prevention and highlighting the work of nurses will be in the spotlight during this episode of the podcast. We will be joined by April Kapu, who is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Professor at Vanderbilt University. She is also the President of the...

The Value of Making Changes

Dr. Ben Kligler from the Veterans Administration returns to the podcast to discuss a variety of topics related to taking a holistic approach to your health. Dr. Kligler will be talking about the value of changing things up and getting into new surroundings outside of...

Recognizing The Difference Between Fatigue & Burnout

Our guest is Dr. Hailey Perlus, who is a noted author and speaker on the subject of peak performance. Dr. Perlus will be discussing burnout and fatigue. You’ll hear some helpful tips on how to recognize the difference between burnout and fatigue as well as recovering...

Strategies For Reducing Stress

Stress reduction is the focus of this episode of the podcast as Dr. Dr. Kristin Szvhany is our featured guest. Dr. Szvhany is an Assistant Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York, and she will be talking with us about how exercise helps to address...

Lessons From Yoga & How To Stay Active Each Day

Through this episode, we’ll meet Hope Zvara, the founder of Mother Trucker Yoga. You’ll hear Hope discuss tips to help professional drivers stay healthy while out on the road and the importance of staying physically active throughout the day.

Understanding The Importance of Organ Donation

Our featured guest is David Fleming, the President and CEO of Donate Life America. During this episode, you’ll hear Dave share some valuable insights on the importance of organ donation with April being recognized as national organ donation month.

The Whole Health Value of Cultural Transformation

Dr. Ben Kligler from the Veterans Administration returns to the podcast to share more insights on the value of taking a holistic approach to staying healthy. During this episode, you’ll hear Dr. Kligler discuss cultural transformation and how it relates to whole...

Focusing On Taking Good Care of Your Kidneys

Our featured guest will be Dr. Emily Chang, an expert in Nephrology who is part of the Kidney Center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Dr. Chang will be discussing recent news that is related to taking care of your kidneys, including advancements in...

Discussing Various Aspects of Heart Health

Michelle Greene Rhodes will be in the spotlight on this edition of the podcast Michelle  is a registered nurse, health coach and author. She will be dedicating most of her time discussing various aspects of heart health during the podcast.

Identifying Signs of Depression

Our featured guest for this episode is Dr. Jacqueline Olds, who is a psychiatrist on Staff at McClain Hospital, Belmont, Mass. Dr. Olds is also a part-time associate professor at the Harvard Medical School. Dr. Olds will be covering several topics on the podcast,...

Understanding The Work Of Nurse Practitioners

Through this edition of the podcast, we’ll meet April Kapu, who is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. She is also the President of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. During this episode, you’ll hear...

 Discussing Heart Health for Dogs & Cats

Dr. Carol Osborn from the Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center and Pet Clinic Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is our featured guest as we focus on the health of our pets. Dr. Osborn will address a number of issues, including heart health for dogs and cats.

Strengthening The Health of Your Bones

Through this edition of the podcast, meet Dr. Monica Rho, who is the team physician for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. She is an expert in Musculoskeletal medicine, and Dr. Rho will be talking to us about a variety of topics, including preventing injuries and...