Discussing End Of Lease Options & Long-Term Planning With Contractor Brian Jess
March 12, 2024

Have you drawn up your long-term plan for your trucking business? In this episode, Road Warrior Entrepreneurs Jeff Morton and Charley Mahon talk with Brian Jess, a Contractor’s Corner Community member who has set up a plan for his end-of-lease options that are still more than a year away. You’ll get to know Brian and how he has set himself up for success in the industry. Jeff and Charley also explore how Brian is looking at things down the road as well as his plans just in case the market takes an unexpected turn.

Jeff and Charley, who are also the founders of Contractors Corner Consulting, LLC, invite you to watch their YouTube Live each Tuesday by visiting https://www.youtube.com/@ContractorsCornerConsulting/streams.

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