Dr. Jeffrey Rediger Offers Tips On Boosting Immunity & Staying Healthy
May 10, 2022

In the debut of the Healthy Trucking Podcast, which is sponsored by Healthy Trucking of America, we bring you an extended conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, whose list of accomplishments have the length and depth of a million-mile safe driver. Dr. Rediger is a best-selling author and speaker. He is a licensed physician and medical director as well as board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Rediger also serves as an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Medical School. Dr. Rediger, who also holds a Master of Divinity from Princeton University, has dedicated years of research to his writings, which explore how to create a positive environment for healing as well as how to strengthen our immune system during these post-COVID times. In this episode, Dr. Rediger discusses the value of understanding both the physical and mental principles involved in recovery and maintaining good health. As you will hear during the podcast, Dr. Rediger has a strong connection to the trucking industry and he would like to help in the ongoing effort to improve the health and wellness of professional drivers.

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