Saluting Drivers & Answering The Call During COVID-19
June 8, 2020

The Highway To Hope Podcast returns with the first of three episodes that will be released in June of 2022. Old World Industries CEO & President Charles Culverhouse is our featured guest on this edition of the podcast. OWI produces BlueDef Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Peak Coolants, and Charles joins SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development Shannon Currier to discuss the company’s #KeeponTruckin social media campaign. #KeeponTruckin is focused on celebrating professional drivers as front-line heroes for our country. As the podcast details, the #KeeponTruckin campaign will also serve as a fundraiser for SCF. In addition to the interview with Charles, Shannon talks with PodWheels Executive Producer Greg Thompson about the adjustments SCF made as an organization to address the COVID-19 National Emergency.

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