Tax Resolution: Beware of Magic Wand Offers
December 28, 2021

Trucker CFO Colton Lawrence welcomes Robert Hazen back to the podcast. Robert heads up the Tax Resolution Services Group for Trucker CFO, and he joins Colton on this edition of the podcast to discuss the potholes that can await people who see and hear national advertising for services working in the tax resolution field. As you’ll hear Robert and Colton discuss, these national services can make it sound like they can make past tax debts and the other issues requiring tax resolution magically disappear. The reality is that tax debt is not like credit card or other debt. Quite often, people who access these national services end up disappointed, paying a lot of money with little or nothing to show for it. During this episode, you’ll hear about the process that Trucker CFO utilizes in evaluating and addressing tax resolution for clients.

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