Trucker CFO Displaying Driver Appreciation Through New E-Book
September 14, 2023

A few weeks prior to the official National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Colton Lawrence, the Trucker CFO, worked with his team on the release of the company’s second e-book in 2023. As Colton shares in this edition of the Trucker CFO Podcast, the development and release of the Trucker CFO’s Comprehensive Business Guide, Part 1, was one focused on sharing information that could help make the road a little smoother for professional drivers who are working to run their own small businesses in trucking. As Colton notes, the free e-book was one of the ways the Trucker CFO Team is working to show their appreciation daily for professional drivers. As you’ll hear the new e-book shares knowledge gathered by Colton and his Trucker CFO Team with the goal of helping trucking’s small business owners.

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